Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Stata wishlist

Here's what I wish Stata would add:

  1. Primary output files (dtas and gphs) should be able to be reproduced byte-for-byte. Primarily this requires being able to zero-out the timestamps and zero-out any junk padding.
  2. Make PDF and PNG exporting of figures available on console Unix.
  3. Shell commands should work in Windows batch-mode.
  4. All built-in commands should return values through the return classes (e.g. r()) so that they can be used programmatically
  5. Also, allow the Windows do-editor to automatically word wrap (this is a main reason why people I know use other editors).
  6. The program should set a positive return code on error. When running Stata in batch-mode the program always exits with 0 (success) even if the program had an error.
Hopefully, some of these will be available for version 1415.

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